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Thank you for considering our financing options.

Here are some things to know: Your application is secure and will only be shared with the lender we feel is the best choice. Please fill in all blanks as much as possible. If you do not have a particular vehicle picked out, it is okay to skip that part, but it IS important to know how much down payment you may have, if any. Regarding lender choices, if you have a good credit score (640 +), one year on your job, and a pretty low ratio of monthly payments to income, we can usually get financing through our preferred local lender, and if desired, possibly zero down payment.

If your credit history and circumstances do not meet the above criteria, then we simply go to some lenders that specialize in making auto loans to less than perfect credit customers. In these cases, it takes more time, more information from you, usually a larger down payment (for example 10% to 25%), and a higher interest rate and higher payment. With the latter, if you can pay the payments on time, your credit should improve, and at any time it might be possible for you to pay off the original loan and we can help finding a better rate and lower payment.